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Money Management (Series): Trading for Income

March 20, 2013 | General | Permalink

Money Management (Series):  Trading for Income

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Rule: We Have Tight Gold Supplies & Future Supply Constraints

October 9, 2012 | Commodities, Finance | Permalink

Today Rick Rule warned King World News about tight gold supplies and future supply constraints. This interview also discusses the frightening conditions that workers face in places like South Africa. At the bottom I also have a note about a video I sent Richard Russell a decade ago regarding the world’s deepest gold mine.

But first, here is what Rule had to say: “One of the things that is interesting to me and it should be to all mining industry investors and speculators, is the social unrest in South Africa. It’s a very, very complex situation, and I’m trying to understand it better. I’m lucky here to have a couple of South Africans who work for us with great ties to the country.”

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